I can help you find or rediscover love.


My goal? To help you find you again: the beautiful woman that you are...and make it visible to yourself first and foremost...and then to your dates, husband or partner, and the world in general. This is who you were meant to be...and you know it! 

Single and tired of the dating scene?  Tied to a checklist that no mere male mortal can ever hope to find? Wondering why all the good men are taken? Or have you told yourself that men can't handle a strong woman? It's not true. There are countless possibilities for finding a caring, loving and committed partner. And I'm here to help you find them as we together explore and find you again.

Maybe you are married and tired of the endless "we need to talk" conversations with your partner, the ice-cold silences for major transgressions - like a poorly loaded dishwasher - or simply wondering how you lost that loving feeling.  Bring back the love and passion that you both felt when you first met. 



All photography provided by Jared Chambers


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