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At Leticia Vasquez Relationship Coaching, I promote the dignity and self-worth of all single and married women who want or who would like to maintain and nurture a loving, caring and passionate romance with a good man. To that end, I encourage every woman to focus on her own needs first so that she can clearly and with dignity identify what she wants, all the while recognizing the power that flows from her feminine core. My coaching is not about applying band-aid solutions and making false promises. It is a lifestyle change rooted in mindfulness.


The vision of Leticia Vasquez relationship coaching is for all women to recognize and tap into their feminine core, recognizing their vulnerability as the strength which has the power to transform their current and future relationships.

If you spend more time taking care of yourself instead of him, you are more likely to be receptive, grateful and happy
— Laura Doyle, First Kill All the Marriage Counsellors

Who I am

I am a native Californian living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands since 2003. I married Igor, a charming Spaniard, in 1999 after having met while studying abroad at the University of Hull (yes, Hull), England. After law school in Washington DC, we embarked on the proverbial honeymoon phase. Two children later, Igor and I found ourselves in an endless tug-of-war, where the highs were really high, and the lows were incredibly low. We tried various communication techniques ("when you do this, I feel this"), to no avail: no matter how disguised the critique was, it was still a critique. While I had always said divorce was never an option for me, I started making plans to do just that. After reading several relationship books that were helpful but very theoretical and did nothing to change my own triggers when, say, he failed to load the dishwasher my way, in 2013, I came across the work of Laura Doyle. Very stealthily, I began following her principles. And ten days later, Igor caressed me and said, "You're back." And he was back, too. And that's the beauty of this dance where women with good men lead.

Since then, I see the many ways that women reject their men: overexerting ourselves with our inability to say no (and being grouchy whenever he does something that annoys you...because you are so tired); expecting him to know what you want (especially after all these years); not being able to receive a gift when he does give you something (making a snide comment for giving you earrings when your ears aren't pierced); not thanking him for things that he does for you ("no one thanks me, why should I thank him"); and, quite frankly, acting like a man...and giving up our most precious natural gift: our femininity. This, over time, begins chipping away at our relationships.





Will you allow me to guide you in making your life so much better for you and yours? I hope so. You deserve it.