Leticia Vasquez - Relationship Coaching

Based in Amsterdam. Available all over the world.


You must attend all four, two-hour sessions, meeting over the course of four Mondays sprinkled throughout March, April and May. Because of the sharing and reporting back that we do, capacity is limited to 5 participants. At these workshops, I will share a new way of communicating, and you will receive homework. Your peers and I will support you on your journey until the following session

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Discovery Call

A discovery call is a powerful, one-hour session that is all about you: your current relationship status, where you want to be, and how you can get there. The call is free, emotional and simply beautiful. And free, because I feel so strongly that I can help you. Would you like to book a discovery call? Please send me an email at surrendering365@gmail.com

Private coaching

During private coaching, the focus is only on you. For 45 minutes up to an hour, we go over a specific challenge you are facing. We discuss and explore any underlying issues, and I give you homework to work on until our next session. Sessions are usually every two weeks, and are via Skype or telephone, making geography irrelevant. Are you in the US, Europe, Asia or the Americas? No problem. 

Here are few typical situations that women tell me on a regular basis, and that I address in private coaching:

For single women:
  • all the good men are gay or already taken
  • men fear strong, independent women 
  • men fear commitment
  • all the men I meet don't have good jobs; make less than me; are uneducated; are too short/tall; etc., etc.

Together, we explore how your "scarcity" mindset is holding you back from having a loving and intimate relationship. And we discuss how to transform your scarcity mindset to one that is all about abundance. You will notice a change after one session. Guaranteed.

For women in a relationship
  • he is always at work and never around to help
  • when he is around, he is worthless. Nothing would ever get done without me.
  • he doesn't want to have sex anymore. It's me who has the high sex-drive. What man doesn't want to have sex?
  • he never gives me anything/he's terrible at giving gifts
  • he doesn't know how to be a father. He was raised that way, and it's hard for him
  • he has a psychological condition (that is not medically proven by anyone but you); etc., etc., etc




Group Coaching

After attending one of my workshops or after having one round of private coaching sessions, you are invited to join my quarterly gathering of women. At these gatherings, you re-connect, share, and refine your skills with other like-minded women. 

My guarantee:

I guarantee that if you are single, I can help you find and maintain a good man. And if you are married to a good man, I can help you strengthen a good relationship; bring back that loving feeling in a steady, but boring relationship; create passion in a roommate-like relationship; and save a faltering relationship or even one that you or he think is over. I know, because I made the transformation in my own marriage, and I have helped women find the same.

Are you curious about the contents of my private coaching, group meetings or periodic workshops? Nothing makes me happier than to talk about it. Please send me an email at surrendering365@gmail.com