This course takes place over the course of FOUR mandatory sessions on Mondays in March and April, and one voluntary session in May (you'll want to come, believe me...if just to catch up with your group and share your wins and learn from each other). 

Each session builds on the former.  At the end of each session, I will give you homework based on that day's skill learned. This homework will help you become more aware of your own behavior in between sessions. At the beginning of each session, participants will report back to peers on their progress. This is where the magic unfolds.



Monday, 12 March

Monday, 26 March

Monday, 16 April

Monday, 23 April

Monday, 7 May (Voluntary session -  Date subject to change by group...we'll get there!)


Grevelingenstraat 38, 2

Long distance participation is always a possibility.

Cost: EUR 162.61 Inc BTW


Who is this workshop for?

Whether you are single and tired of the dating scene or married and tired of the endless "we need to talk" conversations with your partner, I can help bring out that beautiful diamond that you are. By learning The Six Intimacy Skills™ as developed by Laura Doyle, you will learn a whole new way of communicating with your partner that is direct, clear and that allows you to maintain your dignity.

If you are single and tied to a checklist, I'll help you get off the checklist treadmill. If you are married to a good man but find yourself getting stuck in an occasional or long-term rut with resentment often rearing its ugly head, there is a way to bring back the love and passion that you both felt when you first met. My goal is to guide you in rediscovering the beautiful woman that you are by helping you focus on what's right in your relationship instead of what's wrong. The workshop consists of four sessions that build on the former, with homework and reporting back. Warning: prepare to be surprised, no matter how good (or bad) the state of your relationship is now.

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